About bureau Md’A

Vlacheslav Deev has been delivering the highest degree of creative and practical thought in architecture since 1995. Founder and manager Vilacheslav Deev designs residential and commercial projects. Architecture with a capital ‘A’ that is also practical and enjoyable. A keen understanding of sustainable design is carefully blended with the individual values that are important to his clients. Whether it is designing a luxurious private residential house, a commercial building complex, or a cozy interior space, Vlacheslav Deev creates places where people and communities thrive. Collaborative by nature and innovative by design, his work responds to the evolving demands of an ever-changing world. The focus of his practice is design that supports the myriad forms of human interaction. His work has been recognised with national and international design awards, but his true reward is seeing how architecture can enhance people’s lives.


“I have always explored everything which there is to learn about life: needs and opportunities, trends and behaviours. I believe that my knowledge, along with the ability to think outside the square, is the answer for creating things in revolutionary ways that yield extraordinary outcomes. “

Working process

There are no ready-made solutions or standard plans. I will create a project around your individual taste and specific requirements. Communication is the key. I will understand your needs, your desires, the way you live and your visions which subsequently help me to define your project. I will present options obtained from your brief and present them in such a way that is clear and concise. The internal layout, the optimum use of space and the external aspect will emerge from this consideration. Nothing is achieved by taking the easy path but rather the experienced and bold one. Together we create solutions for today that will serve your best interests tomorrow.